CDHP Summer Program Additional Information

A typical CDHP Summer Program will begin with players and family members arriving at the rink on Sunday evening. The CDHP staff greets families at the door and directs them to the area of assembly for the program's outline and individual staff introductions and biography. At this point registration tables are opened and each student and family member are personally met and they go through each station to receive a CDHP hockey sweater, a pair of socks, a daily itinerary, and a student CDHP bank account. Popular CDHP apparel items may also be purchased at this time.

On Monday morning, staff counselors are at their group post awaiting guardians to sign students in for the beginning of our 100% Hockey Specific day. Students are then directed to the assigned locker room in preparation for an hour and a half Power Skating instruction. Players will then leave the ice to prepare for the first of our two "hockey specific" training circuits. CDHP's own Shot Doctor training will bring their stickhandling and shot to a new level. This innovative over/underspeed training, combined with professional instruction, breaks down the precise movements for immediate results.

At midday, a healthy lunch with plenty of fluids to help rejuvenate the body for the second half. Prior to the on-ice skills session, CDHP instructors offer a lecture with a question and answer segment to ensure that players are mentally prepared to achieve and execute the daily goals on the ice.

The final session of the day will be a "hockey specific" circuit of plyometrics, self-resistance and low impact drills that will give you the edge over your competitors! CDHP instructors will be teaching you how to develop and maximize the specific muscles needed for playing hockey. Every day at CDHP ends with our staff at the dismissal post awaiting parents or guardians to sign out students for the day.


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100% Hockey Specific Training