2005 Week-long Summer Training Programs


Designed to help each player reach their potential, CDHP Summer Programs include a systematic method of instruction that clearly identifies a player's inefficient habits. Those individual tendencies become the focal point that CDHP isolates by pushing that player to break his or her "comfort zone". The result: the player re-learns through proper coaching techniques and repetition to develop a stride that's more efficient, more explosive and more powerful, incorporating greater agility with better balance. ...more about our Summer Programs.

We incorporate all of the following into the daily schedule of our Summer Program:
  • Power Skating
    Proper, efficient skating is the key to successful young hockey players. Our program will "break down" inefficient skating habits and, through repetition, make your stride more powerfully balance!
  • Flow Drills
    having skill sets is one thing, being able to utilize them in a game format is another. At CDHP each players will experience and take part in Professional flow drills that are continuous and incorporates proper stick handling and shooting, passing, receiving, 180º & 360º turns, puck protection, game-like situations, breakouts, defensive coverage, etc.
  • Overspeed / Underspeed Training
    CDHP's "Hockey-Specific" fitness center, The Athletes Edge is designed for Professional hockey players. Each and every player who attends CDHP will be exposed to strength training that is age appropriate. Programming includes a wide variety of programming that includes plyometrics, short sprints, bounding and circuit training. The overall focus on our off ice programming is to improve a players strength, explosiveness, balance and agility. The results are immediate from a physical and mental standpoint.
  • Shooting/Stick handling
    Outside of skating, handling and releasing the puck is the most vital aspect required for successful players. We have found this area to be among the most fundamentally deficient over the years at CDHP. Cavanagh's innovative "Hockey Specific" circuits and programming will break down poor, inefficient habits and replace them with proven successful methods of highly skilled hockey athletes.
2005 Summer Training Sessions Now Enrolling
Cavanagh's enrollment for the summer 2005 sessions is now open. View our 2005 Calendar to register and view program availability.

Personal Player Development (PPD) Individual Specific Instruction

During all our Summer Programs. Students who require additional personal attention to specific skill weaknesses may also take advantage of pur Personal Player Development (PPD) program.

We offer four specific groups (Goal Scoring, Defensive, Checking and Stickhandling) per day for 30 minutes each. Enrollment for this program is always very limited and enrollment fills quickly, therefore families are encouraged to register for PPD sessions during the weeklong program registration process.

PPDs are available Monday through Thursday during each week of the summer program.


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