Tournament Training Pack

CDHP will be the first instructional program to offer youth teams and individual players the opportunity to train like professionals. Our National Training Center, Chilled Ponds, and Hockey Weekend will host its huge tournament series during the months of June and July.

These consecutive weeks, age-specific tournaments consist of B, A, AA and AAA caliber teams throughout the United States and Canada . CDHP is proud to fill a huge training void this summer by developing better skill sets in our students followed by mental training of game situational evaluation and review of game tape. Our interactive media center will record the tournament games and our instructors will draw parallels to each player/teams strength and weaknesses. This opportunity is vital for players, families, coaches and organization leaders who strive for complete understanding and development for player's and/or team success. The program will include a full 7 day week of training followed by a tournament at the Chilled Ponds.

If you have ever been frustrated by a player or team not achieving consistent game success, this is a program you must take part in.

Visit the Hockey Weekend web site for a list of summer tournaments or contact us for more details.


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