Specialty Programs

Cavanagh's has a full spectrum of programs designed to enhance each player's overall skill in all areas of the game.

Personal Player Development Program (PPD)

CDHP has realized the genuine importance of private instructional time for many of our alumni. During the course of intensive training there comes a time when players reach sticking points that impede their rate of skill development. In many cases, this becomes a self confidence issue that negatively affects motivation and confidence. We have been thrilled with the opportunity ti take time at the conclusion of our normal training day to address this challenge with our students during our PPD program. We offer personalized instruction on specific skill sets (Goal Scoring, Stickhandling, Checking and Defensive) for 1/2 hour sessions Monday through Thursday at each of our summer programs. Because we only acceps three players per work stsation, this program sells out early in the year. If you would like to add this valuable opportunity to your enrollment, please feel free to phone our office for availability and registration.

Skill Specific Week

CDHP has always taken great pride in our programming and advanced educational methods. This year our alumni have the opportunity to experience our newest program, "Skill Specific" weeks. this program offers specific training on the four essential skill sets; providing an opportunity to develop your entire game. For years we have witnessed players and families who are focused upon one position. At CDHP, we have always believed that hands-on playing and training experience at all positions offered great benefits. In order to be proficient at any one position, major skill sets must be developed. In addition, the actual playing experience at all positions provides a different point of view from which players can learn and greatly improve. Our skill specific week features training cirriculum in each of the following:

  • Goal Scoring
  • Defensive
  • Checking
  • Stickhandling

This program offers specific circuit training in each of these elements providing professional instruction in a concentrated format for each player. This program is 100% on-ice; each segment includes 1 1/2 hours of "skill specific" instruction and a total of 6 hours of on-ice instruction per day.

  • 6 hours of on-ice instruction per day
  • 8:00am - 9:20am: Goal Scoring
  • 9:30am - 10:50am: Defensive
  • Lunch/Lecture/PPD Sessions
  • 12:00pm - 1:20pm: Checking/Coverage
  • 1:30pm - 3:00pm: Stickhandling/Puck Posession

Defensive Program

Much of the focus in today's training is focused on scoring goals and offensive zone strategies, with most teams spending little or no time on defensive zone play. CDHP's Defensive Specific Program will focus on zone coverage, positional defense, transition play, backchecking, and puck control.


Because skating is the basis for every aspect of the game, each day of the program will begin with a powerskating session which will systematically break each players comfort zones in backward skating, pivots, stops and starts, power turns, and explosiveness.

Goal Scoring Program

For those players who are looking for that extra edge, Cavanagh's Developmental Hockey Program will have a Goal Scoring Specific Camp at our National Training Center in Chesapeake, Virginia.

During the week students will receive intensive training specific to every area of scoring goals. The players will be instructed on "shooting to score," dekeing, on-ice vision and recognition, creating time and space, and finishing.

Because a player must be an efficient skater in order to be in position to score, each day will include a powerskating session. During this time, CDHP's professional staff will break each students comfort zones and teach proper form and technique to become a more explosive, solid skater. During the second on-ice session, players will be instructed on all aspects of puckhandling and shooting efficiency, the basis of becoming a "goal scorer." The benefits of this program will be seen in more goals at a higher level of play in the upcoming season.

Checking/Coverage Program

CDHP's checking program prepares players for the physical contact that takes places during hockey games. Whether or not the player is actually taking part in full contact hockey is not relevant to the need for instruction and development of a player. The primary focus of our checking and coverage program is injury prevention. The ability to utilize angling, stick checking and body positioning is critical to success. Instruction will include in-depth coverage on delivering and receiving checks and the proper technique of stick checking. We are proud to offer a program that helps reduce the likelyhood of injury that can result from improper checking techniques.

Season Prep Program

This week is designed to provide each player with a maximum advantage at the start of the season. All of us realize how important first impressions are for coaches and teams. This is a program that should interest all the serious hockey players designed to instill all the skills involved in the game of hockey. This week will include an in-depth overview of all the major elements of the game which includes: Goal Scoring, Stickhandling, Checking and Defensive play. Systematic progression throughout the week will include a very intense powerskate base for increased conditioning in preparation for the season. This program is excellent for development of all skills in these areas.

Our professional staff has designed this program with all the newest training techniques to ensure great overall development. As with all of our programs, this will include three hours of on ice and two hours of off ice per day with a huge emphasis on conditioning. If you are looking to excel in tryouts or the start of the season, this is definitely the program for you.


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