Custom Training Program

CDHP has developed a reputation as a truly elite program for serious hockey players in North America. Many players recognize the benefits of training year round to stay on top of their competition. The challenge is, where can you receive a regimented program in the off-season to help achieve your training goals?

CDHP has the answer .. a Custom Training Program! CDHP has developed its very own unique training format for players who require professional instruction. CTP is designed to systematically improve a player's overall game and conditioning through a minimum of three weeks of intensive and progressive training in our Summer programs. This training is charted and evaluated each week by a one on one meeting with a CDHP director.

The format is designed to offer continuity and repetition, which are the keys to increasing a player's learning curve. Many players who attend a series of different programs over the course of a summer end up well conditioned but confused by varying teaching styles or curriculums. By the time a player gets use to any instructor's style and training format, the program is often half over! At CDHP, players come to know what to expect with each week of training. When you combine this with a series of specified goals it is much easier to stay focused on the task at hand ... improvement.

The CTP format allows a player to center their attention on the events of each week. This allows the player to focus on what is expected to be accomplished during the upcoming sessions. In addition, it allows the group of instructors to analyze and enhance the subtle points of a player's strengths and weaknesses. Personalized attention to detail is what CTP offers each player during the course of the program. A distinguished color jersey identifies each CTP player so they are easy to locate and instruct on a one on one basis.


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