All About Cavanagh's

As Cavanagh's celebrates its Fifteenth year anniversary, we have plenty to celebrate. Our program's mission statement and focus remains as crystal clear as it did from day one: To train serious players under an intensive and progressive format preparing young aspiring players to learn and train for success at the great game of Hockey.

Our rapid growth is a result of our tremendous customer base around the world who strive to "Break their comfort zones" and be the best they can be on and off the ice. Cavanagh's is based on this commitment to a personal best and we have strived to achieve this each day throughout our Thirteen in business.

CDHP's staff remains unrivaled in the hockey training industry featuring current and former athlete instructors who achieved playing professionally through Junior, University or European amateur backgrounds. Together at Cavanagh's, our staff strives to educate young players on setting goals for themselves and systematically instilling confidence, self-esteem and preparation on achieving goals. Cavanagh's has continued to develop our services and opportunities to our alumni each year.

Today, Cavanagh's enjoys its very successful National Training Center in Chesapeake , Virginia . We are all thankful Mr. Cavanagh had a dream to improve and prepare players for the next level of play. His unrelentless pursuit for excellence has enabled thousands of players to achieve greatness on and off the ice. It is the ultimate reward to be a part of something that has such an incredible impact on our children's lives and success'. All of us at Cavanagh's strive to be the best everyday at everything; we look forward to this upcoming season of training, friendships and enjoyment playing the greatest game in the world.


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