What are previous program attendees saying about CDHP?

Below are real testimonials from attendees of past programs.


Good morning everyone........Kris did 3 weeks at CDHP last year - they were by far the best run, most focused (hockey only) camps he's ever attended.....he's doing at least 3 weeks again this coming summer.....  He's doing the 2 consecutive Select weeks and the 1st Comprehensive Skills week......he might do the 2 weeks in between.  I  talked to Derek (Grant) recently about the Select camps...........there are still some openings in both weeks......the age group is Squirts and PeeWees........They DO do instruction/drills on checking - both giving and receiving.....  In addition to the weekly camps, you can do what they call "PPD"s (Personalized Player Development sessions) - 1/2 hour sessions with 1 to 3 players working on one specific skill....  If you do at least 3 weeks, your child gets a very comprehensive written evaluation after the summer is over - rated in the typical areas (skating, shooting, etc etc etc) - but very detailed.  I'll bring Kris's (from last year) with me this Sunday and/or to next week's practices if you'd like to see it.  They get a different jersey, which identifies them as '3-weekers'.  The kids have a lot of fun, but they are worked very hard - just ask him.  Very little standing around - they're typically broken into small groups working with the different instructors, and have scrimmages where they practice what they're learning.  If you're thinking of hockey camp this summer, I highly recommend the CDHP program.  They also offer a 'billeting' program, where your son stays with a family that has a kid in the same camp.  A little more $$, but it worked out good for Kris last summer.

Happy New Year Patrick and Derek,

Sebastian has had a pretty good season in Roanoke Express' Midget Major team playing in the CHL league. A lot of the credit for that goes to both of you and the CDHP camps he participated in last summer. The team is 15-0 this season and Sebastian has done fairly well among the mostly 2 year older guys. He plays left wing still and occasionally on the right wing and his +/- stats at the moment are at + 30. The team is traveling to Montreal for a tournament in February so that will be a real experience for them all.


I just wanted to personally thank you for making my recent Personal Player Development Session at Cavanagh’s such a positive and productive experience.

Having recently returned to the game after a 20-year absence from organized hockey, I have attended several camps and clinics over the last year. I must admit that these were often frustrating experiences, as the “cookie-cutter” programs were typically led by instructors who did not seem to understand or appreciate what works for the adult player. Fortunately, my P.P.D. program with you at Cavanagh’s was very different and the experience went far beyond my expectations.

When I describe Cavanagh’s to friends, I call it ‘hockey training for adults…taught by adults’. From my perspective, there are several factors that make your approach work so well. You take training far beyond just a series of drills – putting everything in context and offering examples from your own considerable experience. You do not just diagnose problems – you work to correct weaknesses with good habits. Yes, you did push me out of my comfort zone, but it was done with a tenor of respect and encouragement. The fact that you took me seriously, including my goals and progress as a player, was very refreshing and motivating. Your emphasis on physical and mental conditioning was also a big difference. All in all, it was the most productive and fun hockey experience I have ever had.

Of course, the proof is also in the performance. Since returning, I have already felt a big improvement in my skating, particularly in controlling edges, transitions and stride mechanics. I also feel much more confident in my stickhandling, which has always been a weakness. In the games I have played since returning I have felt like a much more imposing player, with my point production improving along with my plus/minus.

Needless to say, I have become a big advocate of you and Cavanagh’s. In fact, I am encouraging all of the guys I play with – those who sincerely want to improve their game – to sign up for a PPD, one of your adult camps or both. You can certainly count me in for a camp and a couple of PPD’s every year.

Again, thanks for all the help. I look forward to continue working with you and Cavanagh’s to improve my game.

Jayne Riley, Kentwood, Michigan has been selected to attend the 2001 USA Junior Olympic Women's 18-19 Festival held at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY . This camp, sponsored by USA Hockey, develops and evaluates women players for the next step towards being selected for the USA National Women's 22-u team.

After working with Patrick Cavanagh and participating in several CDHP camps , Jayne found herself truly out of her "comfort zone" and striving for that next level of excellence. Jayne attributes he new "attitude" and better skating ability to her experiences at CDHP. She now hopes to someday play on the USA Women's National team in the Olympics.

Patrick and Greg,

I just wanted to follow up on Justus' progress over the summer, he had a successful experience in Norway. He played in six games and had a GAA of 1.00 (lowest in the tournament) He was given the opportunity to play against the USA '87 team and got a shut out. He just made the Marcus JV High School team as one of only three 8th graders (they wish he was a year older to play Varsity). He owes a good deal of his success of late to your support and encouragement and I wanted to say THANKS! Justus has returned to public school this year after 5 years of Home School. He is taking all pre-AP classes and working hard to ready himself for the possibility of playing for the West Michigan '89 team in a tournament this season as well as achieving his bigger goal of playing for the team next season.

... Alex came home in unbelievable shape. His strength and stamina are measurably improved. We went over every drill that you guys did and I loved them. The advanced CDHP flow drill is great for timing and involves all twenty five players on the ice without a lot of standing around.

... here is some positive feedback for you. We had a fellow who attended your June camp named Blake. He was a senior, limited ability but great attitude. He did not make the cuts for our team but the Coaches told him work hard over summer and they would reevaluate him. Well, he is now a member of the JV team and in the running to be team Captain--he credits CDHP with providing him the knowledge on how to improve his skills and for his success in making our team. That's a testimonial to how your program works. Thanks Patrick.

Coach Renee Dowhaniuk,
Allen Eagles

Dear Coaches

My name is Brandon and I am 8 years old. I've been playing hockey for over 3 years and I just love it. I was in your hockey camp last summer in Las Vegas. I would like to go to your camp again. If you could, please send me the camp informations for this year. I don't remember the coaches names from last year but I miss them very much.

PS; Send me CDHP hockey camp informations every year please. I want to be the first one to sign up.

My son Zach particiapted in one of your summer programs last year at the Byron Center facility and both he and I were extremely impressed. His current season has been outstanding as he is leading the league in the DC area in both scoring and assists. We want to attend another camp this season and bring 3 or 4 other players with us but would like to know which camps Patrick will work as I was very impressed with his ability to get more out of the kids. If it is possible for you to point out where he will be, I can assure you that we will bring at least 4 players to the camp.

Mr. Cavanagh,

Thank you so much for working with me in reserving a spot for Josh for the upcoming training session in Nashville. Josh is 15 years old and will be finishing only his third season playing ice hockey. As you know starting late in a sport, especially one as tough as ice hockey, it is very difficult to be able to play at the level one needs to compete and for ice hockey sometimes to survive. Without a doubt your training sessions have made the difference in his development. Not only has he survived he is starting on his High School team as a Sophomore. He also was invited to play with the Nashville Stars which is a travel Midget team. His development has been fast. Playing with two teams keeps him on the ice allot and using the techniques taught by you has put him where he is. We refer back to the evaluations you gave us whenever he feels something is missing. They are a great development tool. I have to tell you that spending time with my son and watching him grow has been a very rewarding thing for me.

Thanks to you and the fact Josh eats and sleeps ice hockey, we had a super winter. Can't hardly wait for the next one. Josh is really looking forward to the session in July. Thanks so much for what you have done. Keep up the great work!


I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and continue to do, especially the opertunities this summer you have offered me. I am looking forward to working out with you again this summer especially up at the select camp. Sorry it took me so long to respond to all the good news but between hockey, work and school I have not had a lot of free time.

Hi Patrick,

I did three of your camps this summer in Texas. How are you? I am doing great. I just wanted to thank you for how much you have helped me with hockey. It is unbelievable how much better my skating has gotten since your camps. It was a pretty tough camp but I had so much fun at it and learned so much! Just about a week ago I tried out for an all girls travel team. The competition out there was really tough and I thought I had no chance of making it. Today I got a call from the coach and I made it. I am so excited! A lot of this goes to you and everyone at the camp for pushing me and making me a better player. This season I will be playing on the travel team and a couple of boys house teams. Thanks again for everything! Hope to hear from you soon!


Just wanted to let you know that Devin made the DJHA 92 team!! He is the only exception at that level (being a 93 and playing up) that DJHA made. You would have been very proud of him. He was one of the best kids out there. And it was not just me who said that.. it was also the coaches. He really has moved to the next level after working with you this summer. Thanks for all your support with him.


We have great news!! Gunter made the Jr. Tornado Midget AA team that will be playing out of Blueline. We can't thank you enough for your support and influence with Gunter, especially this summer. His loss of confidence this past year has been displaced with new found confidence that he gained from being with you in your program. We do not know if the team manager, Tom Force, ever called you for a reference or not. He said he was going to do so.

Also, Gunter's buddies, Mikey Casey, Zach Cunningham, and Adam Smith all made this team, thanks to your training. These kids were all CTP this summer also.


I must tell you, Eric (9) really enjoyed your Goal-Scoring camp this summer. It was great seeing him looking forward to each day of developing new skills.

It's amazing... Now that our season has begun, I see Eric utilize the skills he learned in camp every time he touches the ice. I see him make / attempt moves that I've never seen him try before.

We are truly looking forward to a successful season. Thanks for all your help!

My son, a mite, started hockey lessons four years ago and has played for two and a half years now. During most of that time, I've worked at the rink, and I've gotten to watch around 10 or 15 different camps come through every year.

I enrolled him in the Cavanaugh camp this summer, and I couldn't have been more impressed. This is by far the most organized camp I've ever seen. My son has gotten more out of this camp than any other he has ever attended. The personal attention is unparalleled. The boys are all focused and still look like they're having fun. Just three days into the camp, I've noticed that his skill level has come up, and other parents have mentioned it, too. His self-confidence has soared. Of course, my favorite part is that he's finally learned to tie his own skates!

Thank you very much for the great job you guys do - you are truly awesome!!


Jarrod wanted to let you know that he made the Dallas Jr. Stars Select Squirt A team. Out of 90+ kids trying out, he was one of 14 players chosen. Two of the areas he excelled in was his backward skating and tight turns with a puck (two of the areas you worked with him on at your camps in Texas). I was really surprised to see snow flying from both of his blades on many of his turns. Another thing that was very apparent was his confidence on the ice. He made sure he was one of the 1st kids in front of the coach when he blew his wistle and he was always one of the 1st in line for drills. This was a huge change from last year.

Tom, Susan, and Jarrod


I wanted to thank you for talking with Kyle. He is rejuvinated and talking of getting a hockey scholarship to college again. It motivates him. He loves the game and being able to play AAA again.

I just wanted to say thanks! Kyle needed the talk.


Dear Patrick:

My son Sean just completed your week long camp in Dallas with the Allen Eagles High School Ice Hockey team. I just had to let you know how much he learned from your camp. At his first hockey game after the camp he got 3 breakaways and while he didn't score, he came so close. It's only a matter of time till he does. His hockey coach commented on his improved speed and skills. Before your camp Sean had never felt secure to take the breakaway and know that he could get back to defend the goal in time. He learned so much from you and your team. He's looking forward to attending your camp again.

Thanks Debbie

Dear Patrick,

Jeff is doing just great!!!! He made the third line and is pulling a regular shift which as you know for a Div. 1 school, is a big deal. The coaches are amazed as he is a "walk-on" from a tiny program that has never put a kid on a hockey team of this caliber. There is another boy who wants to be on the team but is in the same boat that Jeff was in last year. When asked what he should do the response from coach was, " talk to Jeff and go where he went"!

It is a real credit to your coaching and to Jeff's "heart" that he made the team and is playing so well. In many ways, this whole experience has made it possible for him to reach some pretty amazing goals.. so thanks! I also think that the one on one he did in Oct was the frosting on the cake.. It was well worth it..

... best regards


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